Thursday, May 2, 2013

Welcome to Summer Somewear!

Hey guys, thanks for visiting my blog! My blog will be dedicated to fashion, design, and all things of the aesthetic nature. In case you were wondering, the name of this blog was inspired by a Lily Pulitzer quote. The quote goes something like "It's always summer somewhere". Summer is my favorite season, partially because my birthday is in August, and knowing that it will come is the only thing that gets me through those tough winter days. Winter can feel so prisonlike sometimes: you spend so much time indoors and wear multiple layers of clothing in an effort to feel semi-warm.  I know summer isn't everyone's favorite season but I think we can all agree on some things that summer brings to mind: fun, sun, and care-free living. I find this quote particularly reassuring because it is a reminder that better days are always lurking around the corner. It is a reminder that someone out there is enjoying warmer weather and cute summer apparel and that you could join them if you really wanted to. Though I plan to feature outfits for each of the four seasons, I hope that this blog captures all the aspects of summer we all love so much.