Friday, May 10, 2013

2 Cool 2 Wear Pants

                     Here are the clothing sets I made on Polyvore!
Somber Orange

2 Cool 2 Wear Pants

Blue In My View

I recently created a few home deco sets on Polyvore. For some reason, I used blue in all of them. In case it's not obvious, here's a living room, a bedroom, and a dining room.
Blue In My View

Bedroom Beauty

Beauty in the Jungle

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More Wear


       This outfit was definitely influenced by men's wear with its tailored short, button up shirt, and oxfords. However, the fit of the shorts and the sheerness and print of the shirt is make it more feminine. I love this outfit because it is a good example of men's wear with feminine touches- something I admitted to being obsessed with in my previous post. Truth be told, I have an identity crisis when it comes to clothing- I love to wear different looks everyday. I love being able to express my mood and try on a different personality with each new outfit creation. Doing this means that I have to keep an open mind and shop in different departments. I've been known to veer into the kid's section and the men's section of all my favorite stores from time to time. Why? Because clothing is universal and different styles of clothing can look good on more than one type of person. Fashion is about playing with clothes and I'm never afraid to buy an extra large or an extra small article of clothing to get the look I want. Baggy clothing can be hip and casual while fitted clothing can be cute and formal. Each one has their time and place and that I don't feel like I have to limit myself to one or the other.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Geek Charming



      I bought out my glasses for this post- yes, they are prescription glasses. When I created this outfit, I knew my glasses would add the perfect finish- cute and geeky.
    In case you guys are wondering, I got the striped tank top at Forever21 and my skirt from H&M for about 5 dollars each. I just love the combination of pink and green with black and white stripes! Unfortunately, I can never figure out what shoes to wear with this outfit so I finally decided on my tan oxfords because I thought they fit with the casually preppy vibe of this outfit. I know my oxfords are pretty ugly but I really love offsetting girly outfits with manly touches and vice versa. You'll see more of what I mean later.
   Before I go, I want to apologize for the exposed bra strap but my photographer ( my little sister) was slacking a little when these pictures were taken.

Monday, May 6, 2013

The Polished Prep



     I'm not a big fan of jeans- I'm probably the only person who finds them really uncomfortable. I see the purpose of jeans but I just find dresses a lot more accommodating in terms of flexibility and ease. Anyways, it's a little chillier today and I thought I would use this opportunity to feature a "cooler" outfit. I'm a big fan of cardigans and this is one of my favorite because it's stripe pattern and colors are so preppy. The color of the shirt I have paired it with is not the same color as the stripes in my cardigan but I thought that the colors were similar enough that I could get away with it. Pairing similar colors always helps me look put together without looking too matchy-matchy. The necklace that I'm wearing overtop of my cardigan is a gift from heaven or Kohl's if you want to be technical because I can usually throw it over any outfit and have it work.
     As for my jeans, I have had them for the longest time- since 8th grade- and I have really grown into them. I love darker wash jeans because they look dressier and I completely despise lighter wash jeans. However, I do understand that darker wash jeans can seem plain and uninteresting which is why I usually roll them up at the ends. The inside of the jean is always lighter and rolling up a jean   breaks up the monotony of its wash by exposing the lighter side and also gives it a cuter shape. My high heeled boots are the perfect finish to the outfit because they bring a new burst of color and femininity to the look without calling too much attention to that fact. Plus, they give me length which is never a bad thing!

Flower Power

  I bought this dress at Forever21 to wear to my office internship last summer and I really appreciate the fact that I have never run out of ways to style it. It's a simple dress with a high neckline and a swing bottom but it's color and length make it really easy to dress up or down. Granted, it's a  on the short side but a blazer and some somber flats can make all the difference when it comes to this dress. For this post, I chose to dress it down in the spirit of fun. I opted for my mother's floral scarf and my high heeled brown boots to make it a little more weather appropriate- it's nice out but an extra layer still wouldn't hurt.
     I have a couple of dresses in this same color family but this is by far my favorite because of its versatility and classiness. I always feel a little more chic in this dress and I think everyone should have one in addition to or instead of a little black dress?