Thursday, May 16, 2013

Warm to Cold

 It's prom season! I already had my prom but I know a few of you have yet to have your big day. I thought you guys could use a few ideas and a little in inspiration in deciding what you want your prom dress to look like. These dresses are on a scale from a warm peach/pink to a dark blue (I took Studio Art 1 this year and I am having color scale withdrawal).
                                 You can find this dress at

You can find this dress at

You can find this dress at

Beaded chiffon prom dress green/blue mix color special design long prom dresses/formal occasion dress/evening gown/cocktail dress
                                    You can find this dress and the one below it at

Custom 2013 New Handmade Cheap Blue One shoulder Beaded Chiffon Floor Length Formal Long Prom/Evening/Party/Bridesmaid/Cocktail Dress Gown

       I really appreciate the uniqueness and simple elegance of these particular dresses and I think each of them would work on a variety of skin tones and body types.

       Two weekends ago was my senior prom. It was at the Hilton Hotel in University City. I thought you guys would appreciate a peek at what I wore though I happened to be missing the ultimate prom dress accessory, a date. :(  I got my dress at a store called Windsor at the Jersey Gardens Mall. I didn't want to accept that it was the prom dress for me when I tried it on because I was already debating between two dresses at another store, Group USA, which I really recommend for a variety of dress styles. I bought it because my family and even strangers insisted that it looked smashing on me.  However, I don't suggest that any of you buy your dress out of peer pressure because I hated mine for the few weeks leading up to prom. Fortunately, I realized what a pretty dress it was after my hair and make up was done, which makes me think that my prior feelings towards it were born of simple pre-prom jitters.

     As you can see, my dress is a mauve color with a high beaded neckline, cutout sides, and a lace up back. My shoes are from Forever21 and were featured in a previous post titled pretty in pink.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Esperanza Rising



      I'm really thankful the slightly colder we have been having recently because it's given me a chance to sample my winter wear. I have to confess that I have a really hard time adjusting in the beginning of a season. Don't get me wrong, I'm really grateful for the warmer weather, but I had grown so accustomed to layering that it has been really difficult to assemble warm weather outfits.

       Anyways, I'm obsessed with putting sweaters over button down shirts. Admittedly, it's a very preppy style and therefore I decided to dress down the look with jeans. The chunky necklace provided a great finish for the outfit as it matched the floral pattern in my shirt. The wedges might look tall and difficult to walk in but are actually very sturdy and comfortable. That's what I really like about wedges, they add height without the stress of regular heels.

Go to Hell!

       I love these red chinos. They have an office wear vibe but I have a lot of fun dressing them up or down according to the occasion. The color is more vibrant than it appears in the photo and is more of a red as opposed to orange. I paired these pants with an equally vibrant blue top because I was aiming for contrasting colors. Blue and Orange look really good together because they are on opposite sides of the color wheel and are complimentary colors. I pulled the scarf on because I thought it tied the outfit together while creating more interest.

       Let's talk about the fit of these pants for a minute. When I bought them last summer, I was a little shorter and slimmer so these pants were looser and reached just above my ankles. They were my first "go to hell pants". "Go to Hell Pants" are any sort of chinos that expose your ankles and look like you have outgrown them. You can't wear them with socks because it defeats their boyish charm and suggestion of rebellion.  These pants just scream "I'm too cool to care".

      This is one of my more casual outfits for hanging out with friends or going shopping. It's very practical and can compensate for the slight temperature changes that are so common in spring because of the pants and the scarf.



This is the outfit I wore yesterday while doing community service at the library. It was kind of chilly so I wore my favorite boots which have a slight western vibe to them. This outfit is pretty simple but I like how the color of my boots pops out when paired with navy and gold.  

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Pretty in Pink



  This high-low zebra print dress is from H&M. It's fun and crazy but cute and classy at the same time. I don't usually wear loud print dresses because I'm conservative at heart but this one is so easy to mute. I don't know if you can really see it but the overall zebra print of the dress is made by smaller zebras within it, how cool is that?

       I chose to wear these maroon pumps with this dress so that I could stay in the same color family as the dress without overdoing the pink. Plus, I think heels add flare to the drama of a high-low hemline. I am obsessed with the school girl vibe that mary janes add to any outfit. I bought these ones from Forever21 and have worn them to several formal events including my senior prom two weeks ago. The color is so versatile and if it doesn't directly match one of the colors in my clothing, I just slap on my wine colored lipstick and voila- problem solved!

Light Up the Room


     I got this little number at H&M a few months ago to wear to a close friend's birthday party. Though it cost less than twenty bucks, I was still a little indignant when I found out that it had been marked down to $7 recently at my local H&M. Whatever, I still love it because it makes me feel like a punk princess. It's the perfect night time dress with its flashing lights print and black tulle outer layer.

         I decided to pair it with my black booties and my pink belt. A lot of people ask how I think of pairing different colors together and I always advice them to look at the colors in their central piece and identify which colors are of interest then choose accessories accordingly. If you look closely at my dress, you will see that there are subtle hints of pink which allow my belt to fit with the dress while still popping. While I could have gone with a pink shoe or a shoe that was the same color as one of the "lights" in my dress, I chose these black ones because they really pull the outfit together.