Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Light Up the Room


     I got this little number at H&M a few months ago to wear to a close friend's birthday party. Though it cost less than twenty bucks, I was still a little indignant when I found out that it had been marked down to $7 recently at my local H&M. Whatever, I still love it because it makes me feel like a punk princess. It's the perfect night time dress with its flashing lights print and black tulle outer layer.

         I decided to pair it with my black booties and my pink belt. A lot of people ask how I think of pairing different colors together and I always advice them to look at the colors in their central piece and identify which colors are of interest then choose accessories accordingly. If you look closely at my dress, you will see that there are subtle hints of pink which allow my belt to fit with the dress while still popping. While I could have gone with a pink shoe or a shoe that was the same color as one of the "lights" in my dress, I chose these black ones because they really pull the outfit together.

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