Monday, May 6, 2013

Flower Power

  I bought this dress at Forever21 to wear to my office internship last summer and I really appreciate the fact that I have never run out of ways to style it. It's a simple dress with a high neckline and a swing bottom but it's color and length make it really easy to dress up or down. Granted, it's a  on the short side but a blazer and some somber flats can make all the difference when it comes to this dress. For this post, I chose to dress it down in the spirit of fun. I opted for my mother's floral scarf and my high heeled brown boots to make it a little more weather appropriate- it's nice out but an extra layer still wouldn't hurt.
     I have a couple of dresses in this same color family but this is by far my favorite because of its versatility and classiness. I always feel a little more chic in this dress and I think everyone should have one in addition to or instead of a little black dress?

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