Monday, May 6, 2013

The Polished Prep



     I'm not a big fan of jeans- I'm probably the only person who finds them really uncomfortable. I see the purpose of jeans but I just find dresses a lot more accommodating in terms of flexibility and ease. Anyways, it's a little chillier today and I thought I would use this opportunity to feature a "cooler" outfit. I'm a big fan of cardigans and this is one of my favorite because it's stripe pattern and colors are so preppy. The color of the shirt I have paired it with is not the same color as the stripes in my cardigan but I thought that the colors were similar enough that I could get away with it. Pairing similar colors always helps me look put together without looking too matchy-matchy. The necklace that I'm wearing overtop of my cardigan is a gift from heaven or Kohl's if you want to be technical because I can usually throw it over any outfit and have it work.
     As for my jeans, I have had them for the longest time- since 8th grade- and I have really grown into them. I love darker wash jeans because they look dressier and I completely despise lighter wash jeans. However, I do understand that darker wash jeans can seem plain and uninteresting which is why I usually roll them up at the ends. The inside of the jean is always lighter and rolling up a jean   breaks up the monotony of its wash by exposing the lighter side and also gives it a cuter shape. My high heeled boots are the perfect finish to the outfit because they bring a new burst of color and femininity to the look without calling too much attention to that fact. Plus, they give me length which is never a bad thing!

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