Wednesday, May 8, 2013

More Wear


       This outfit was definitely influenced by men's wear with its tailored short, button up shirt, and oxfords. However, the fit of the shorts and the sheerness and print of the shirt is make it more feminine. I love this outfit because it is a good example of men's wear with feminine touches- something I admitted to being obsessed with in my previous post. Truth be told, I have an identity crisis when it comes to clothing- I love to wear different looks everyday. I love being able to express my mood and try on a different personality with each new outfit creation. Doing this means that I have to keep an open mind and shop in different departments. I've been known to veer into the kid's section and the men's section of all my favorite stores from time to time. Why? Because clothing is universal and different styles of clothing can look good on more than one type of person. Fashion is about playing with clothes and I'm never afraid to buy an extra large or an extra small article of clothing to get the look I want. Baggy clothing can be hip and casual while fitted clothing can be cute and formal. Each one has their time and place and that I don't feel like I have to limit myself to one or the other.

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