Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Geek Charming



      I bought out my glasses for this post- yes, they are prescription glasses. When I created this outfit, I knew my glasses would add the perfect finish- cute and geeky.
    In case you guys are wondering, I got the striped tank top at Forever21 and my skirt from H&M for about 5 dollars each. I just love the combination of pink and green with black and white stripes! Unfortunately, I can never figure out what shoes to wear with this outfit so I finally decided on my tan oxfords because I thought they fit with the casually preppy vibe of this outfit. I know my oxfords are pretty ugly but I really love offsetting girly outfits with manly touches and vice versa. You'll see more of what I mean later.
   Before I go, I want to apologize for the exposed bra strap but my photographer ( my little sister) was slacking a little when these pictures were taken.

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