Thursday, May 16, 2013

Warm to Cold

 It's prom season! I already had my prom but I know a few of you have yet to have your big day. I thought you guys could use a few ideas and a little in inspiration in deciding what you want your prom dress to look like. These dresses are on a scale from a warm peach/pink to a dark blue (I took Studio Art 1 this year and I am having color scale withdrawal).
                                 You can find this dress at

You can find this dress at

You can find this dress at

Beaded chiffon prom dress green/blue mix color special design long prom dresses/formal occasion dress/evening gown/cocktail dress
                                    You can find this dress and the one below it at

Custom 2013 New Handmade Cheap Blue One shoulder Beaded Chiffon Floor Length Formal Long Prom/Evening/Party/Bridesmaid/Cocktail Dress Gown

       I really appreciate the uniqueness and simple elegance of these particular dresses and I think each of them would work on a variety of skin tones and body types.

       Two weekends ago was my senior prom. It was at the Hilton Hotel in University City. I thought you guys would appreciate a peek at what I wore though I happened to be missing the ultimate prom dress accessory, a date. :(  I got my dress at a store called Windsor at the Jersey Gardens Mall. I didn't want to accept that it was the prom dress for me when I tried it on because I was already debating between two dresses at another store, Group USA, which I really recommend for a variety of dress styles. I bought it because my family and even strangers insisted that it looked smashing on me.  However, I don't suggest that any of you buy your dress out of peer pressure because I hated mine for the few weeks leading up to prom. Fortunately, I realized what a pretty dress it was after my hair and make up was done, which makes me think that my prior feelings towards it were born of simple pre-prom jitters.

     As you can see, my dress is a mauve color with a high beaded neckline, cutout sides, and a lace up back. My shoes are from Forever21 and were featured in a previous post titled pretty in pink.

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